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Alpinestars Helmet Supertech SM10 Unite Red White Glossy

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Alpinestars Supertech SM10 Unite Helmet Red White Glossy

The goal of the Alpinestars Supertech family of helmets was to create the most advanced, protective, and performance-enhancing helmets possible for riders worldwide. With the S-M10, Alpinestars’ Helmet Development team engineered the helmet to offer the perfect blend of excellent ventilation, and unsurpassed comfort, to create a helmet with the lightest weight possible, all without compromising on any other front.

The S-M10’s design offers a smooth, attractive, aerodynamic profile which is streamlined and free of any external channels and features that might act as a load point in an impact or compromise the overall integrity of the helmet’s construction. The surface curvature promotes reduced friction on impact, allowing deflection and the most efficient transfer of energy to protect the rider’s head from direct force to the skull and referred to the neck and spinal column.

Alpinestars Supertech SM10 Features:

  • • The S-M10 shell sizing solution ensures each helmet fit size has its own appropriate shell size to deliver the most anatomical solution for the wide variety of fit needs worldwide, providing 4 different helmet shell sizes S, M, L, and XL and 6 consumer sizes from XS to XXL to ensure riders have the correct fit which not only improves comfort and reduces overall weight, but most importantly, improves the effectiveness of the helmet in an impact.
    • Redesigned chin bar’s new profile, where the base area has been specifically sculpted to give a relief section, raised to clear the collarbone, with a new softer EPS liner which extends beyond the helmet shell itself, and is covered by a more flexible rubber compound providing a reduced chance of any sort of collarbone injury.
    • Patented A-Head Fitment System allows easy adjustment of the angle and height that the helmet sits on the head.
    • Ultra-ventilated helmet with 28 individual intake and exhaust ports, not including the eye port, with 18 intakes and 10 exhausts.
    • New eject technology includes the eject helmet removal system.
    • Lightweight ECE 1260g and DOT 1360g for a size medium, 1310g with side pads and 1370g with visor extension.
    • The S-M10 is available in 2 versions ECE R 22.06 and ECE R 22.06/DOT.

 Alpinestars Supertech SM10 Protection Features: 

  • • And for rotational acceleration and oblique impact performance, where impact energy comes from an angle other than a linear 90-degree, or right-angle straight impact, the S-M10 exceeds the new ECE 22.06 Peak Rotational Acceleration standard by 76%.
    • Removable side pads made from a semi-soft polymer for added protection provide a larger contact area to help spread impact energy.
    • MIPS Multi-directional Impact Protection System.
    • ERS Emergency Visor Release and a new Visor Extension to provide protection from roost and the sun.

Alpinestars Supertech SM10 Construction:

• The helmet’s shell construction utilizes a highly advanced molding technology with a multi-composite combination: 1) 3K Carbon, high density carbon outer layer that improves strength and efficiency of energy dissipation over the shell, 2) Uni-directional carbon composite layer that gives significantly greater radial strength around the shell, preventing compression but allowing controlled deflection for reducing transmitted impact energy, and 3) Aramid fiber layer which provides critical penetration protection. This combination of layers is given even greater performance with an epoxy resin bonding that offers the best possible strength and energy management; limited outer shell deflection means the energy spreads wider and is better absorbed by the 4 density EPS liner.
• The result of the unique shell lay-up process employed in the S-M10 construction results in extremely effective impact protection. The S-M10 returning linear and oblique impact performance which exceeds current helmet regulation standard limits. For direct linear impacts, which is an impact at a 90-degree angle between the helmet and an object, the SM10 surpasses the new ECE 22.06 standard for 2024 by an average magnitude of 46% for regular-speed impacts. New for the ECE 22.06 standard, new requirements now include low-speed and high-speed linear impacts where the SM10 surpasses the new ECE 22.06 Peak Linear Acceleration standards by 23% and 28% respectively.