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Acerbis Yamaha Plastics kit YZ - Grey

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Acerbis Yamaha Plastic Kit - YZ - Motocross & Enduro Plastics in Grey

Acerbis Being established in 1973 they are one of the first manufactures to manufacture aftermarket plastic kits at OEM quality. These Kits are the cheapest way to replace your bikes plastics and designed to bend rather than snap on impact. The Plastic are of the exact original shape so will work with all decals and original fastening bolts.

If the colour states ‘OEM’ then it will be the original colours that came with the bike when it was first released.

Acerbis Plastic Kit Features:

 * Kit Includes (Varys on Models)

* Headlight Mask

* Front Number Board

* Fork Guards

* Front fender

* Side Panels

* Airbox Covers

* Rad scoops

* Rear Fender


Acerbis Plastic Kit From atmotocross