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Apico Aluminium Tyre Lever & Axle Spanner 30mm

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Apico Aluminium Tyre Lever & Axle Spanner 30mm

Tyre lever wrench including hex head wrench size 30mm.

Apico Pro Tyre lever and Axle bolt combination wrenches are the perfect tool for changing your complete wheels or just replacing your tyre, innertube or mousse.
Manufactured using aerospace grade 7075 aluminium, Anodised finished in Blue with our signature Apico laser etched logo.
A strong but super lightweight tool weighing between 0.92g -104g and only 240mm in length they are small enough to fit in most small back packs or waist tool bags when out on the go.

Available in 17mm, 22mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm & 32mm sockets.