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Apico Forged Rear Brake Pedal - TM

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Apico Forged Rear Brake Pedal with Flexible Tip - TM

Apico Brake Pedals are designed and tested at the highest level and are offered in multiple colours. 

Apico Forged Rear Brake Pedal Features:
  • Manufactured from 7075-T6 aluminium and feature an OEM type forged shaft, a ridged finish on the shaft increases grip helps to reduce mis-breaking commonly associated with a smooth design.
  • Apico Flexible tips are CNC machined billet aluminium with stainless steel tooth plate and rubber insert for grip.
  • The stainless steel tooth plate provides better grip and will not wear like aluminium tips you may find on the market.
  • Apico Brake Pedal Tips also feature a tooth plate instead of screws, simply due to the fact that screws fall out.
  • A spring loaded rotatable tip completes the Apico Brake Pedal which under impact, such as in a rut, will spin to reduce damage
  • Apico Brake Pedal Tips also incorporate a stop on the pivot tip, this stops the tip at 90 degrees of rotation preventing damage that can occur if the tip rotates under the clutch cover.
  • Apico Brake Pedals come complete a cable brake snake, this helps prevent the pedal shaft being bent around in a collision.