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Arai MXV Motocross Helmet Plain Black

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Arai MXV Motocross Motocross Helmet Plain Black

The MX-V evolved from the much loved VX-3 model. Years of experience can be found in this ultimate off road helmet. The perfect choice for MX, Enduro and Off-road use. Just as found in every Arai helmet, the basic and simple organic shell shape is based on the R75 Shape concept. The absence of exaggerated edges or protrusions on the shell is not a lack of creativity, but a commitment to maintaining the integrity of the shell with real world impact performance.

Easy to clean diffusers create a strong venture vacuum at the rear. Centre top vent for increased airflow. Under-peak air intake collects and directs cool air into the helmet. Inner chin vent shutter prevents debris coming into the helmet in dusty riding conditions. Goggle ventilation and lower side vents.
Front ventilation - Center top vent & Inner chin (bar) vent shutter
Rear ventilation - Removable three piece rear exhausts

Outer Shell
Super Complex Laminate Construction
The latest aerospace fibres, with 30% more strength in extension & bending resistance than standard fiberglass comprises the majority of the SCLC shell. While considerably more expensive than most fiberglass (and in fact more than many Carbon Fibre materials), this “Super Fibre” provides incredible flexibility and strength, which maximizes shell integrity. A specially designed “mechanically expanded fibre mat,” sandwiched between the inner and outer layers of Arai ́s proprietary Super Fibre Laminates, is used to reinforce and bond these two Super Fibre layers without adding significant weight to the helmet.

Mouth Vent
Mounted from the outside to further improve penetration resistance. The one-piece, stain- less steel mesh screen provides a durable barrier against roost while minimizing mud packing. The removable screen is easy to clean.

The Arai peak scavenges and forces air into the forehead vent ports for cooling while at the same time using multiple relief- ports to reduce “lifting” at higher speeds.

Arais Dry Cool material transfers the heat and moisture away from the rider quickly and efficiently.
* Dry-Cool Liner
* Replaceable Cheek Pads
* Replaceable Interior
* Replaceable Chinstrap covers 4 Replaceable Neckroll
* Facial Contour System (FCS) 4 5mm “Peel Away“ Cheek Pads

* Emergency Release System (ERS) 4 Breath guard
* Breath Guard
* Dirt removal

* ECE 22-05


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