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DEP 4 Stroke Motocross Exhaust Packing

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DEP 4 Stroke Motocross Exhaust Packing - 4 Stroke Exhaust Packing Materials

To maximise the power increase in your DEP 2 Stroke Silencers, they must be regularly maintained. We recommend you repack every 7-9 hours of use.


The performance and low noise efficiency of this silencer will be impaired if it is not serviced on a regular basis. Remove the bolts or rivets, remove the end caps, inner core and packing material. Inspect and clean where necessary. Re-pack the silencer with DEP matt packing. To maintain peak performance the silencer should be inspected regularly and the packing material replaced if it has exceeded its serviceable life. 


Certain DEP silencers designed for high performance bikes have stainless steel wool around the perforated core. This should be re-used or replaced as required. * = Supplied in DEP Power back packing kit only. To keep the maximum power increase the silencer must be regularly maintained. We recommend, under normal race conditions, it should be repacked after seven to nine hours of use