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Leatt Shoulder Brace

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Leatt Shoulder Brace - Leatt Motocross Enduro Body Protection

The Leatt shoulder brace was designed in partnership with orthopedic surgeons to prevent shoulder dislocation.

CE tested and certified, the brace pulls the shoulder inwards and back into the shoulder so that the shoulder remains in the cup during motion.

It offers a snug fit with adjustable compression and four-way adjustments for perfect pull and security.

Leatt Shoulder Brace Features:

  • Straps pull inwards pulling the shoulder into the shoulder cup 
  • Straps pull rearwards to make sure the shoulder stays in the cup during motion 
  • CE tested and certified as impact protection: Shoulder EN1621-1 
  • Snug, under the jersey fit 
  • Adjustable compression 
  • Fourway adjustments for perfect pull and cupping 
  • Sizes: S/M-XXL