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Michelin BIB Mousse - Front & Rear

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Michelin BIB Mousse - Front
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Michelin BIB Mousse - Rear
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Michelin Bib Mousse - Motocross & Enduro Tyres

Michelin have invented the BiB Mousse for Cross Country, Rally, Enduro and MX use. The mousse invention is ideal for the enduro rider as it simply can not be punctured like a tube. The Michelin Mousse also gives you better grips in an enduro playing field  as they can run at an equivalent of 0.9bar. 

Michelin Bib Mousse Features

  • Invented by Michelin for Cross Country Rally, Enduro & Motocross Use
  • Lighter than a reinforced inner tube
  • Equivalent to an inflation pressure of 0.9 bar
  • Eliminates the drawbacks associated with puncutres
  • Only to be used in conjunction with Michelin Off-Road competition tyres.
  • Not for highway use.