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Polisport LED Plate & Tail Light

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Polisport LED Tail Light with Stop Light & Number Plate light Integrated

This particular model offers the Integrated number plate light which sits under the brake light and illuminates your number plate. (Required for MOT)

Polisport's rear fenders are produced with Polisport's exclusive technology - DGP (durable gloss polypropylene) - for this reason our body protections are more durable and have a perfect combination of resistance and flexibility. No further drilling required – perfect fit for your dirt bike. Perfectly matched OEM colors; the finish is glossy and the colors bright. If you want OEM quality don't look any further. Enjoy the quality plastic parts of a brand with more than 40 years of experience in the Off-Road motorbike market and that works with the best OEM manufacturers.

Polisport RS LED Tail Light Features:

  • Easily fixed to rear fender on the under side
  • Rear stop/tail light unit
  • Connectors provided
  • Number plate light intergration
  • Works on 12V AC/DC