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Putoline Biodegradable Filter Oil Spray - 600ml

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Putoline Action Fluid Filter Oil Spray- Biodegradable Type

Action Fluid is a high-grade foam air filter oil. It is suitable for use after the foam air filter

Action Fluid Bio is a high-grade, biodegradable foam air filter oil. The product is suitable for all high-quality, dual layer, open pore, foam air filters. It can be used after cleaning with Action Cleaner Bio.

Only use in a well-ventilated area, preferably in the open air. Wear protective gloves and safety glasses!

Action Fluid Bio is the No. 1 choice of Grand Prix teams worldwide! 


Please note! Use Putoline Action Fluid Bio only to oil a foam air filter that has been cleaned with Putoline Bio Action Cleaner in order to prevent, among other things, discolouration due to chemical reactions.