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Renthal Dual Compound Diamond Enduro Motocross Grips - Blue

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Renthal Dual Compound Diamond Handlebar Enduro Motocross Grips - Blue/Grey

Renthal Dual Layer Grips are one of the one grip thats been here since the start, the classic grip combine the durability of Renthal Firm Compound Grips with the feel and absorption qualities of the Renthal range of softer compound grips.

Firm compound is used for the flange, inner sleeve and outer-end of the grip for maximum durability, whereas softer compounds are used for the outer diameter of the grip, which is in direct contact with the palm, fingers and thumb

Renthal Dual Compound Features

  • Renthal grip technology ensures there's a grip to match the riding conditions
  • The result is a choice of strength, tackiness and shock absorption
  • This grip combines the longevity of renthal firm compound grips with the feel and absorption qualities of the renthal soft compound grip
  • Hardened end caps to stop tearing