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Renthal Front Motocross Sprocket Suzuki

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Renthal Front Motocross Sprockets for Suzuki Bikes - Renthal Motocross Sprockets


Renthal front sprockets are chosen by most factory motocross and supercross teams than any other chain wheel on the market today. Renthal are the original sprocket manufactures which were established in 1969.

They are CNC machined from a hardened and core refined 655M13 nickel chromium steel.

Mud grooves which are CNC machined into each tooth on both sides to allow mud to flow away from the key contact points between the chain and the sprocket. This helps reduce wear and increases the chain wheel lifespan.

Certain models are available in a computer aided Ultralight design to further reduce weight while still maintaining its structural integrity.

Renthal Front Sprocket Features:

  • CNC Precision Machined to extremely tight tolerances.
  • Case hardened and core refined 655M13 Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum alloy steel to give the ultimate combination of strength and hardness.
  • Certain models available in factory ultralight design to further reduce weight and maximise performance.
  • Self-cleaning mud grooves between every tooth on both sides help prevent dirt build-up.
· Renthal is precision manufactured for maximum strength.