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Renthal Honda TwinRing Chain & Sprocket Kit - Black

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Renthal Front Motocross Sprocket - Honda
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Renthal Rear TwinRing Sprocket Honda - Black
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Renthal R1 Works Motocross & Enduro Chains
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Renthal Honda TwinRing Chain & Sprocket Set In Black - Motocross Chain and Sprockets

Renthal TwinRing Rear Sprocket Features:

  • CNC Precision machined to extremely tight tolerances
  • Inner Ring is high strength Ultralight 7075 T6 Aluminium. 
  • The Outer Ring is made from Electroless Nickel Coated steel.
  • The Outer is expanded at 200c and then fitted to inner, creating a permanent bond for the life of the sprocket.
  • Self-cleaning tooth design to allow mud to release in wet conditions.

Renthal R1 Works Chain Features:

  • Shot-peened alloy steel side plates for high tensile strength and maximum impact load resistance
  • Chamfered inner links to reduce the chance of chain derailment
  • Extended bushings to reduce friction between outer and inner link plates, maximising power output
  • Chromised bearing pins for excellent resistance to wear
  • Gold colour side plates help prevent corrosion
  • Most perfectly matched chain for Renthal chainwheels allowing maximum power at the rear wheel.
  • This also extends the life of both the chain and sprocket.

Renthal Front Sprocket Features:

  • Precision CNC Machined to extremely tight tolerances.
  • Case hardened and core refined 655M13 Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum alloy steel to give the ultimate combination of strength and hardness.
  • Certain models available in factory ultralight design to further reduce weight and maximise performance.
  • Most offroad fronts feature self-cleaning mud grooves between every tooth on both sides help prevent dirt build-up.
  • Renthal is precision manufactured for maximum strength.