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Renthal Trials Fatbar Braceless Black Handlebar

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Renthal Trials Fatbar handlebar - Black - Motocross & Enduro Handlebars.

Renthal Fatbar are the market leading unbraced handlebar. Featuring a tapered wall profile enables the clamping diameter to be 28.6mm to be larger than the control ends which is 22.2mm allowing all OEM fitment perches and grips to still fit. 

The thickness of the centre part of the bar makes the handlebar extremely strong but without the brace it can still offer good flex to help with arm pump.

Renthal Fatbar handlebar features:

  • The design of Fatbar reduces weight whilst maintaining an extremely high strength.
  • Fitted as OE equipment by Honda and Suzuki.
  • clamping diameter(1-1/8" | 28.6mm)
  • control ends (7/8" | 22.2mm) allowing standard grips 
  • Etched markings for positioning
  • Various colours and bend profiles