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RFX Black Gold Race Cable Oiler

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RFX Black Gold Race Cable Oiler

RFX Race Series Tools are a selection of premium quality tools that enable you to complete all the maintenance jobs on your off road bike. Manufactured using only the best materials such as chrome vanadium and other high tensile steels RFX race series tools are suitable for both amateur and professional mechanics alike.


  • Seals around the inner cable and outer      sleeve.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of cable sizes.
  • Allows lubricant to be injected into cables.
  • Accepts a wide variety of nozzle types.
  • Once lubricant flows freely out of the other      end the cable is lubed.


Instructions For use


  • Slide      the rubber boot down and loosen the cable adjusters to free the cable.
  • Dis-assemble      the throttle housing or clutch lever holder and remove the cable.
  • Remove      the cable from its lower position either on the carb, throttle body or      clutch arm.
  • Open      the cable oiler and place over the inner sleeve.
  • Slide      the outer cable sleeve up inside the cable oiler and tighten the large      screw on top.
  • Using      a can of lubricant (preferably Maxima MPPL) fit the nozzle (use an      extension if required) into the cable oiler and spray.
  • Spray      until lubricant is running freely from the lower end of the cable.
  • Refit      the cable reversing the steps from removing it.
  • Once      installed check and adjust the cable free play making sure to turn the      handlebars from side to side in their maximum position.